Down, But Not Out

An introspective examination of the tragedy of homelessness in the richest society ever to exist on Earth

Homelessness is not an accident. Homelessness is not a problem. Homelessness is a political agenda. Why else would there be so many homeless people in the richest country that ever existed on the face of this planet.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Homeless Vigil at Church of the Holy Trinity behind Eaton Centre (click here)

Every month someone from the homeless community dies. Some of the causes are Exposure, Violence, Disease, Substance Abuse and Hopelessness. There is only one Reason, MONEY. In this rich and self indulgent society, the politicians tell us that we can not afford to house our people, so thousands are left to die on the streets. Every month there is a vigil in remembrance of those we have lost at the Church of the Holy Trinity. Family and friends come to honour their memory. I took these photos at one such vigil last November. Most of the people on this list would be alive today if they had a home.

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