Down, But Not Out

An introspective examination of the tragedy of homelessness in the richest society ever to exist on Earth

Homelessness is not an accident. Homelessness is not a problem. Homelessness is a political agenda. Why else would there be so many homeless people in the richest country that ever existed on the face of this planet.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Stop Wasting Money On Food For Those Useless Kids.

Now, I realise that Poor Billy Gates is hurting, and he desperately needs the more money so he can flog more of his crashing crap on an unsuspecting world. I highly recommend to all the greedy people that are depriving Billy Boy of his due, by using pirated software, PLEASE take next month’s rent cheque and send it to Billy. Of course, you should include the money that would otherwise be wasted on food and clothing for you children. Those kids really are a waste of money!

Who knows, maybe Billy would use some of it to develop an operating system that doesn’t degenerate into an unstable mess within days of installation. He might even include a registry fixer that a layperson can use without completely crashing his system. Better yet, he could develop a registry that doesn’t degenerate in the first place!

I wonder who out there is smart enough to create a foil for that money grubbers latest scam. “The Active Validation Tool”

Keep me posted if there is any progress.

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